Tool built with pedagogy in mind

Our tools are built for course design and student assessment across a spectrum of complexity. Instructional Designers choose anything from simple multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank questions to more advanced techniques, encouraging the learner to investigate and develop their own understanding and relevance to the topic.

Quality Matters provides a great framework for designing the course, PlayPosit allows us to be creative in how we deliver content, and bring the course to life.
— Director of Learning

Efficient & easy to use

Core to the Quality Matters rubric is a clear learning objective: describe the specific competencies, skills, and knowledge that students should be able to master and demonstrate at regular intervals throughout the course. PlayPosit makes it easy to keep student outcomes at the forefront of your course design.

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Use measurement to improve course design

PlayPosit allows for your staff to receive qualitative and quantitative feedback on your courses. Quantitative measures like student scores can show you objectively how well students are mastering the material, or compare performance across faculty. Qualitative measures like student response and feedback give you a more detailed understanding of student experience in the course.

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