Increase Learner Engagement

Interactive video accelerates learning by improving retention. We give instructors data to do more.

Why do K-12 teachers choose PlayPosit?

Interactive video is…

three times as effective as standard video - learners explore and apply new material at their own pace in a digital setting.


Effortless authorship

Our editing platform allows instructors to enrich video content with a variety of powerful interactions ranging from multiple choice questions to graded fill-in-the blanks.

Learner engagement

Interactive features mirror the traditional classroom experience and learners receive feedback to increase long-term retention, tripling learning efficacy over standard video.


Accountable tracking

Receive immediate, accessible data (both performance and behaviorbased) to effectively remediate concepts, automatically assign grades, and address deficiencies.

Seamless workflow

Sync rosters, create and assign impactful video experiences, enrich your flipped classroom, and streamline tedious grading.

Irresistibly engaging for students and teachers. Elegantly easy to adapt and use.
— Middle School Science Instructor
At the end of the WWII unit, my learners had to ability to create a bulb on one of 6 relevant topics to “teach” their classmates about the topic that they thought was most interesting; I was able to view the bulbs, provide feedback, and then assign those learner-made bulbs to students to showcase exemplar bulbs but also give an authentic audience to the creators of the bulbs.
— Monica Padgett, High School Teacher
Playposit has allowed me to use data and pull students that need the extra help daily instead of waiting to assess them...Once students have completed the Playposit they come to me and get their grade. I then use that time to go over any questions that are incorrect to address misunderstandings right away.
— Lori Garza, 3rd Grade Teacher


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