PlayPosit Designer Features


Premade Templates

Easily add template interactions to your bulb.


Add interactions to custom video overlays.


Custom Timing

Control the exact timing and duration of interactions.


Premade Templates

Use the Template Gallery to quickly and easily add one of four sets of premade interactions to your video for:

  • Learner Feedback

  • Peer Review

  • Pre-/Post-Assessments

  • Pop Quizzes



Capture student attention using custom video overlays to:

  • Quiz students

  • Annotate the video

  • Provide additional information.


Custom Timing

Set any interaction to be visible for a longer duration so that students can reference the surrounding video and take time to be confident in their answers.


Drag and Drop Editing

Drag and drop videos to intuitively add, reorder, crop, and delete videos from your Bulb.