Increase Employee Engagement


Interactive video improves content retention, employee productivity, and customer satisfaction

PlayPosit engages employees

Interactive video creates an environment where viewers explore, analyze, and apply concepts through enriched learning content. 

Effortless authorship

Our editing platform allows content creators to easily enrich video with a variety of powerful interactions.

Employee engagement

Employees receive live feedback to increase long-term retention, which triples learning efficacy over standard video.

Next Level Onboarding

Immerse your digitally-savvy employees in an interactive onboarding process, allowing them to control their pace and personalize their learning through branched pathways.



Access APIs to integrate deeply with your existing learning management system (LMS) and video host (Kaltura, Wistia, etc.)



Deliver on-demand learning programatically in any system.


Extract insights from video behavior and user analytics.


Benefit from our expertise in refining content for high impact.

Deeper Insights

View learning engagement across the organization by tracking effectiveness through enrollment, activity, responses, completion, and more. Gauge how learning impacts performance, team objectives, and business goals.  

...easy to use and infinitely more impactful than traditional learning environments...
— AVP - Social Innovation

PlayPosit for Employee Training




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